Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bobette Cohn & Fruzsina Keehn at a private viewing in Dubai!

A lovely afternoon held by Serra Kirdar-Meliti and Rania El Sadek where they put together a great sale trunk and private viewing of two fabulous designers Bobette Cohn and Fruzina Keehn from New York, at Serra villa, Dubai.

From left to right, Fruzsina Keehn, Serra Kirdar-Meliti and Bobette Cohn

Fashion designer Bobette Cohn
Bobette Cohn a fashion designer from New York City showcased her amazing collection that was vintage pieces she collected through her findings, where then she reworked and modernized those pieces and make them look just amazing. I also believe that vintage recreations are most wanted than wearing a really old dress. I was so in love with the collection and specifically all the details and embroidery it had.

Jewelry designer Fruzsina Keehn
Timeless Exquisite Jewelry by Fruzina Kheen really took my breath away. Kheen is a New York born designer that belt her concept on modernized/ vintage jewelry pieces. I must own a piece! TDF! 

Onyx and diamond TB bracelet set in 10.55 ct diamonds; 99.5 gr gold

Large yellow feather earclips set in 3.6 ct diamonds; 59.17g yellow gold.


Nicole✗✗ said...

Great pictures! Everything is so beautiful!

ATW said...

oh wow now YOU SHOOT ME for all these amazing accessories... "diamonds are a girl's best friend" ;)
come and have a look at my latest post from nyc :)
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Giuli said...

Love this post!! Amazing stuff!!

Check it out sometime dear:)


HessandCo. said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments! XOXO

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