Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chanel Records and Tapes

cassette purse. it’s pretty small but perfect for a night out.
another fairly small piece but pretty perfect.
I like the belt <3<3 

Friday, May 28, 2010

Cocktail Reception

I did not have the chance to publish this post yesterday with the previous post! .. But on the 26th of May too, it was a day full of events, I attended a cocktail reception for the opening of the exhibition titled "On the Wall" by Syrian artist Baseem Rayyes at the Aspen Cafe, Kempinksi Hotel, Mall of the Emirates. 

Baseem Rayyes is a great artist, collector and a person. His appreciation to art work is unbelievable, where he told me, "for 2 months don't buy a Chanel bag and instead buy a piece of art." He added, "art work can be cheaper than a handbag." He did not realize that I was carrying a Chanel handbag, and when he did he directly apologized! haha I told him that "Chanel is a piece of art to me."

I captured few of his wonderful work. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Largest Designer Toy Exhibition in the Middle East!

Yesterday, May 26th, I attended this great event by Project: MEGA in the Gate Village at DIFC; 'MEGA' is a creation of the urban arts collaborative 'Foo Dog' and is the first designer toy to be created by an Emarati - Mohammed Abedin. The event showcased 100 selected professional artist living in the UAE, whom customized these Mega toys with their own concepts making it one of the largest 'Custom Toys Exhibitions' in the Middle East and bring together a great artistic collaborations of artist in the region.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week!

This year was the best of Spring/Summer 2010 - Rosemount Australian Fashion Week  with the celebration of the 15th anniversary. It took place on 3 - 7 of May. It showcased 56 designers!! They featured women’s and men’s ready to wear, couture, swimwear, high end street wear and accessories.

Bec & Bridge

Bec & Bridge signature style contoured lines and sleek silhouettes..their looks are modern, young and chic

 Ginger & Smart

Is always sophisticated and sharply modern..also, the looks are chic, modern, and effortless! one of my fav!

Rachel Gilbert

Rachel Gilbert signature is the luxury fabrics she uses, and embellished hand beaded in her evening dresses. I really love her style

hot nail polish


Camilla Franks style or signature is  known with her gorgeous kaftans and transforming them into chic high fashion. What I like most about her looks is the wonderful textiles she uses.


Zimmerman label is always sophisticated femininity, strong silhouettes, clever color combination and delicate original prints.

Manning Cartell

Manning Cartell style is always feminine and classic with detailing and an aesthetic that is elegant yet handsomely edgy!!

Konstantina Mittas

Romance Was Born

This what I call a show!