Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bobette Cohn & Fruzsina Keehn at a private viewing in Dubai!

A lovely afternoon held by Serra Kirdar-Meliti and Rania El Sadek where they put together a great sale trunk and private viewing of two fabulous designers Bobette Cohn and Fruzina Keehn from New York, at Serra villa, Dubai.

From left to right, Fruzsina Keehn, Serra Kirdar-Meliti and Bobette Cohn

Fashion designer Bobette Cohn
Bobette Cohn a fashion designer from New York City showcased her amazing collection that was vintage pieces she collected through her findings, where then she reworked and modernized those pieces and make them look just amazing. I also believe that vintage recreations are most wanted than wearing a really old dress. I was so in love with the collection and specifically all the details and embroidery it had.

Jewelry designer Fruzsina Keehn
Timeless Exquisite Jewelry by Fruzina Kheen really took my breath away. Kheen is a New York born designer that belt her concept on modernized/ vintage jewelry pieces. I must own a piece! TDF! 

Onyx and diamond TB bracelet set in 10.55 ct diamonds; 99.5 gr gold

Large yellow feather earclips set in 3.6 ct diamonds; 59.17g yellow gold.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The world of "Fatto A Mano" by Fendi

Since the 24th of March, the world of "FATTO A MANO" by Fendi showcased a live performance, at The Dubai Mall, of the artist Meera Huraiz working on her piece of art that was an inspiration from the ancestral Emirati traditional fabric (burka, embroidery and tribal pattern). From the heritage she deconstructs and creates sculptural pieces integrated with modern vision.

Meera Huraiz is a graduate from Zayed University in Dubai with a BA in Visual Arts. She has been selected among 100 emerging Asian artist. She believes culture is progressive and the present is a continuous conversation with the past.

With every emerging artist that is collaborating with Fendi, there is a professional atelier that helps them finish their art piece as will as creates fatto a mano (made by hand) handbags. Cyril (Giuseppe), the atelier, was born in Compiegne 60 km far from Paris, on June 29th 1978. He attended the prestigious Ecole CFT Gregoire in  Paris from 1994 to 1998, where he learnt the basis of model maker art. Since 1998 he has always been working in leather goods ateliers. In 2000 he left Italy to join Celine, on of the luxury brands in LVMH group. Finally in 2007 Cyril joined Fendi in Florence increasing his expertise in Selleria art. Cyril is one of the best artisan working in Fendi Bottega Artigiana. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Van Cleef $ Arpels at Art Dubai 2011

I know its too late to post this post, but I was really busy with plenty of events! So on the last day of Art Dubai, 19th of March, sadly, I finally visited the Van Cleef & Arpels amazing exhibition, Les Voyages Extraordinaires, where they showcased a very exclusive jewelry sets even watches. The exhibition was a breath taking this year and even their past 2 years exhibitions!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Celebrating TWO birthdays !!

Today I went for lunch with my girlfriends at La Petite Maison, DIFC, celebrating my friend, Hessa, 22nd  birthday! Delicious food and lovely restaurant interior.

Yummy desserts ! (Bvlgari ring and Van Cleef bracelet)

Art installation taking place in front of La Petite Maison, DIFC, and of course I wont miss capturing it! 
and I feel I'm in Italy!

So, my Aunt Fatima birthday is today too and  planned to get her a cake from Mangolia Bakery, The Dubai Mall, and surprise her at her place! 

Classic Chocolate Cake with a Vanilla frosting


Friday, March 18, 2011

Another day at Art Dubai

After the crazy opening night on the 15th of March! I decided to go yesterday to explore most of the fair. I had the chance to get some inspirations from great artworks by international artist, as well, had a great relaxing artistic morning!

I assume the artist was inspired with the concept of abortion

Mustafa Maluka, African artist, is my favorite this year!

Aladdin GARUNOV - From the series "Zikr" 2011

Pan Hwang

A whole area for the Foundation Cartier that was breath taking!

From the inside...

DXB Store 

Enough shopping and back to the fair!.. 

Finally we had a break at the ArtDubai mini cafe!

Playing Om Kilthoom

Art short movies

Finally!! My friend Reem Al Gaith looking fabulous as usual, is rocking her hot C√ČLINE handbag! TDF so bad!! XX