Friday, October 23, 2009

Hot Bling Bling Glasses!!

Hand encrusted with approx. 600 Swarovski crystals shades from a-morir by kerin.rose! their fabulous! you also can custom colours and designs!! xoxo

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Studded Stranger

How wonderful to end the day with a conversation with a total stranger. Where you say everything on your mind and things deep inside you, feelings and thoughts, and everything about you because you know you will never meet again.

This what happened today at the McDonald's drive thru! yes DRIVE THRU! I wish I could talk and talk more, but my tummy was growling! but, it was an unexpected conversation in such context.

A silver studded platform designed by Azzedine Alaia describes my day!..

Monday, October 12, 2009

How Great October Is!

The month where I celebrate my birthday, and where it's full of events and school assignment's.

I know it been so long since I posted. Maybe because I didn't know how to express myself or I'm too lazy too write. Haha.. I think I wasn't the only one being a lazy fat ass this month and the previous month, September!

The part I hate about this month is "school assignments." After Eid, everything is back to serious. Assignments are due strictly to deadlines, unbelivable amont of production, and time passes so fast. I even can't enjoy my weekends!

As long as we have the busiest weeks ever, we still live with the HOT events that occur in this month. Top event happening this month in Dubai is Dubai's Fashion Week. DFW
2010 Spring/Summer, presents designers from the regional fashion industry. It's gonna be held from October 24-29, 2009 at Al Baraha Ballroom, InterContinental Dubai.

This year Dubai Fashion week will experience more than 35 designer collections from around GCC & South Asia fashion designers. Last year designers such as, Walid Atallah, HSY, and Salma Khan, are participating too with designers for the first time include Furne One, Siddarth Tytler, Michael Cinco & Beenas. Collections will range from couture to prêt à porter.

I'll keep you updated fashionistas! xoxo H