Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kaftan Fiesta

The holy month of Ramadhan is almost over, but the amazing nights with friends will always be memorable.  A recent gathering hosted by close friends of mine at their gorgeous cozy villa here in Dubai. The girls styled their kaftans really well and looked fabulous for the night.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pre Ramadhan pop-up shop 2014

This year I decided to rebrand the design concept of PreRamadhan pop-up shop from black and white to bronze floral theme which resulted beautifully. It took place in The Lounge at The Dubai Mall. Lovely location with a lovely view of the fountain and the Burj Khalifah. This year, PreRamadhan pop-up shop featured 14 designers  from the Middle East showcasing their Ramadhan collection <Kaftan collection>. 

Aisha bin Desmal - Endemage - Fbubble - Fetha - Frou Frou - Hamsa - Lamé - Leenoda - Lune - Maryam & Meera - Mysoon Fashion House - NAJ - Plisse Couture - Twinkle

About PreRamadhan pop-up shop

Unlike conventional retail shops, the Pre Ramadhan pop-up shop opens for a short duration at unique locations, sprung up to cater to seasonal demand such as Holy month of Ramadhan. Pre Ramadhan pop-up shop will showcases designers, giving them the opportunity to present their distinctive designs to a captive audience of shoppers. It will allow people to see a variety of designs and purchase unique pieces to wear during the holy month.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pink Mom

A mother of three, a fashion icon, and a super model, Elena Perminova. I am a fan of her style and taste that explains her elegance. I have picked some photos from her personal instagram that were an inspiration to me.
Myself, I am a mother of a wonderful and joyful boy Khalid, may Allah protect and I am expecting a baby girl ensha'Allah. So, those wonderful photos really inspired me for my new born preparations.