Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ramada Day TWO: Al MAJLIS

left to right: Kaftans (Jalabiyahs) from 1. Ramaish (India) 2. Global Village 2011, Dubai 3. Unknown designer from Korea 4. Ramaish (India)

Day 2 of ramadan was full of energy and laughter with friends. Of course the colorful Kaftans or what we call Jalabiya completed the day! Usually in Ramadan, I gather with friends after Al Taraweeh prayers (Isha prayer). Besides the never ending chats, of course the never ending food! But who cares? its Ramadan! 

Yummy desserts!

left to right, yellow kaftan (costume made) . . white kaftan from Sakuraa (love it)

costume embroidered kaftan (Jalabiyah)

Amazing Jewelry for Cape Town - South Africa

I will keep you posted with more Kaftans and food during this amazing month! 


Extravagant Fatma said...

Love those colorful Kaftans!


A. said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I loved this blog post Hessa xx

Anonymous said...

omg amaazing
i really liked the yellow morrocian style jalabia .. can i know from where plzzz?

HessandCo. said...

Extravagant Fatma: Thank you sweetie

A.: thank you A ! :D

Anonymous: unknown designer - you get the fabric and go to any Moroccan designer