Thursday, August 25, 2011

Private Ramadan Gathering by Chaumet

I planned a very vip gathering with friends for La maison Chaumet to come over and showcase their amazing exquisite pieces at my friend's house, our usual Ramadan majlis.  It was a wonderful evening full of diamonds and laugher with my besties! 

As I am part of planning VIP private showing, you can easily contact me on my email.

The t-shirt says "I love Ramadan" in Arabic! Today is the 26th of Ramadan, few days and its over! We'll miss you Ramadan!

Pomegranate juice and pink lemonade <3

Time to spend some Ching Ching! 

Done from the private showing of Chaumet exclusive collection, but the night wasn't over yet! We gathered again to have a delicious dinner and yummy deserts with Chaumet people.

 Dessert of the month made by my best friend Maryam! Trust me its so good! LIKE REALLY GOOD! I'll try to feature some of her amazing recipes !

I'm not sharing!

A close up! see what I'm talking about! Its even shinning like a piece of diamond

Goodie bags from Chaumet! <3
Had an amazing fun Ramadan evening!



I love it!!!!!



I love it!!!!!


Chick Flick Journal said...

i want pink lemonade!

sophie foster said...

love these photos! especially the rings! <3

What I Like said...

Stunning jewelry :)

Confashion said...

sigh! that spider ring and matching web earrings! STUNNING!

Mad said...

wow stunning jewelry ! And I love the ballerinas in the last photo.

sadia said...

The spider ring is TDF!!!

p.s. thanks for following <3

Anonymous said...

amazing jewellery pieces

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

so chic immages and ring :-)

CMA said...

such luxury!
such a wonderful blog, keep up your awesome work!


Butti Bin Ahmed said...


Anonymous said...

وااااااي حدهاااا روووعه الاكسسواريز
حياتيي ابي النمبر مال المحل
واكووون شاككرتلج

HessandCo. said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments <3 LOVE LOVE H

Anonymous : Those are jewelry by Chaumet and you can contact me directly on my email : if you liked any of those jewelry, or visit their boutiques are in The Dubai Mall and Burjuman . Thanks :)