Wednesday, February 2, 2011

confession #788: I hate the fashion industry in Dubai

To begin with, this post is dedicated to all wannabes fashionistas and the messed up fashion industry behind the fashion shows that take place in Dubai, especially the Dubai Fashion Week (BIG YUCK). Sorry, I mean "Indian" Fashion Week. No wonder they think Dubai is Part of India. Thanks to few magazines that give us good trends, hot picks, and some nice editorials.

Being a fashionista is not only about wearing high end brands and looking like the Gossip Girl, but its more than that. Your character and personality that plays the enormous role here where you show your style depends on the season.

I wish one day I'll go like "OMG! I love this designer from Dubai."


Hessa said...

They don't believe in local designers. I think they should focus on young designers like the Westerns do. I wish i can get the support they get out there!

r.alsharif said...

I completely agree with you, i am not emarati, and i dont live in emaarat but i occasionaly go to Dubai during breaks and wayed '6almeen ilmwa6neen, i know that emarati women have better taste then the hanadwa illa tarseen dubai. i really hope to see local designers in the fashion industry 3indikum,
p.s i am in love with your blog! :D
p.p.s i am your newest follower!