Friday, May 28, 2010

Cocktail Reception

I did not have the chance to publish this post yesterday with the previous post! .. But on the 26th of May too, it was a day full of events, I attended a cocktail reception for the opening of the exhibition titled "On the Wall" by Syrian artist Baseem Rayyes at the Aspen Cafe, Kempinksi Hotel, Mall of the Emirates. 

Baseem Rayyes is a great artist, collector and a person. His appreciation to art work is unbelievable, where he told me, "for 2 months don't buy a Chanel bag and instead buy a piece of art." He added, "art work can be cheaper than a handbag." He did not realize that I was carrying a Chanel handbag, and when he did he directly apologized! haha I told him that "Chanel is a piece of art to me."

I captured few of his wonderful work. Enjoy!

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