Sunday, April 25, 2010

Something funny...

Its true that people were so pumped into carrying Hermès handbags last summer, which was funny to me. “Hunt the Hermès” . . hahaha..  Then many magazines started writing on how you really can find out which are fake and which are not. Later on you get text messages that says the number of the fake ones, the originals ones, and the ones that have anonymous owners. Okay, who cares?!

What's cool here is the image attached to this post. I like it, where as I know most Arab people will say “OMG this is so offending” d r a m a. . The model in the photo is Christina Kruse; I can say she's doing a great job in the fashion idustry where many assume she's old for it. She is over 28 year old and she's German.

I want to hang this image in my room . . Im in love <3

And here is the amaizing Christina Kruse

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