Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cristina M fine shoes

The marvelous shoes designer, Cristina Franchini, designs the fabulous, fine, unique, and luxurious shoes for the most beautiful women on plant, as she says. And yea! If you are looking for a shoe that is only made for you, then Cristina M offers costume made shoes for her fashionable customers.  I selected few pieces I adored from her old collection and new collection.

these pair of shoes is DTF . . I'm in love with the creativeness of the design and I enjoy walking in dangerous shoes! 

It looks kinda vintagy . . So I might change the black designed fabric to plain black leather, it will look more fashionable not costume-y. But yet it still looks fabulous. 

I so wanna have a baby girl just to make her wear these cute, tiny, pretty shoes. I wish I can go back in time and ask mom to get them for me "tears" . . Aren't they so adorable! I'm in love! 

Cristina I think you have to design ballerinas for young ladies! and why not old ladies too!

shoe packaging for the adorable princess

This orange and black lace shoes is from her 2009 collection . . I liked that it has the vintage style, where as the heels is too high to be vintage.
Another pairs from her 2009 collection  . . I liked the structure of the shoes, but not the mixture of colors used.

Check out Cristina M fine shoes website
And her facebook page 

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