Saturday, October 22, 2011

Once In October

Thanks to twitter and other media tools that spread the word in June 2011 of Kim Kardashian coming to Dubai and she finally did in October. So, she was in town for the opening of the yummy fatty milkshake bar "Millions of Milkshake." The concept of this milkshake bar is simple - customers design their own perfect milkshake with over 50 delicious toppings to choose from. Any of these toppings can be blended with a choice of ice cream (yum), non-fat yogurt or non-dairy ice cream to make their own custom shake.

It was Kim Kardashian weekend to be honest. On the 13th of October we attended a press conference in Atlantis Hotel, The Palm, Dubai. Kim Kardashian, her mother Kris Jenner and Sheraz Hasan, Millions of Milk Shake owner, were the main speakers of the event. Questions from the press were very expected as usual and the number of questions were very limited. I didn't have the chance to ask her my question. Never ask what was it, cause I remember nothing. In all, the event was well organized.

Thanks to UAE exclusive franchise holder Emirates Hospitality Group that gave us the opportunity to meet Kimmy! Ya, and she was happy to visit Dubai! (she kept repeating that for like million times)

Enough questions, time for some yummy Kim Kardashian signature Millions of Milkshakes shake! (its the most expensive shake on the menu!)

Hello Kimmy! She's super gorgeous!

The fabulous Joyce Bonelli, celebrity makeup artist. <3 such a sweet girl xoxo 

Joyce Bonelli jewelry

Clyde Haygood, celebrity hair stylist ! such a sweet person!

Sheraz Hasan owner of Millions of Milkshake

The real Kim Kardashian ! Just kidding haha! its  Kris Fade, Virgin Radio Dubai.

Day 2 ! On the 15th of October: attended a private event at the Millions of Milkshake bar at the Dubai Mall. It was crazy awesome !

Jasmin, a very talented young artist! love her drawing! <3

First convo I had with Kim Kardashian was about Abayas! She loved the one I was wearing (I designed it)

Kimmy loving Hessa&Co! haha

Joyce Bonelli, celebrity makeup artist

YAAY signed by Kimmy! You rock Jasmine!

Fans from Kuwait whom specially came to Dubai to meet Kim Kardashian !



ATW said...

haha i somehow like that post very much. especially the picture you've been "paint"ing on ;). (+ your bag is gorgeous).
i just don't get that kim kardashian hype... to me, she's not famous for any talent besides from her curves...

HessandCo. said...

True I so agree with you. Imagine her with no curves! she wont exist! haha..
THANK YOU pulcinellata!! I always love your comments!

biang said...

those nails are siccckk..and i love your bag :D