Monday, September 19, 2011

A Day out with amazing young designers

Today morning, went out for tea at Forty Carrots, Bloomingdales, Dubai Mall with the sweetest Emirati designer of Lamé Shop based in Dubai, Amina. I love her collection very feminine and chic for day and evening. Click here to check out her page.

It was a very busy day, I even had lunch in my car! A very yummy fatty lunch though! But who cares!

After a yummy meal! I met with a really cool designer for MarshMallow, Karishma. Her collection is modern and structured for a day and evening look.

I love her t-shirt and tattoo! 

Kisses - H


Confashion said...

That carrot cake looks YUMMYYYY!

Chick Flick Journal said...

the cake look yummy! and i love her shoes

The Cat Hag said...

Your lunch looks so yummy, I am craving hot fries now! :)

The Cat Hag