Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i heart CÉLINE

Lovely evening at CÉLINE exclusive viewing of the 2011 summer collection. The collection was breath taking and it's a must have! The amazing colors usage with the minimality in design in both accessories and clothing is just perfect! 

Loved my friend's abaya especially the colors!



Gabrielle said...

god, I heart Celine too.
Especially the bags!

Closet Fashionista said...

Wow, amazing pieces! *drools*

Extravagant Fatma said...

Is this @ the Dubai mall?

Nicole✗✗ said...

These designs are so clean and beautiful!

HessandCo. said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments.

Extravagant Fatma: No in Mall of the Emirates

evie said...

Thank you I can remembered for my trip in Dubai!
have a nice day

r.alsharif said...

Celine really outdid themselves this season! I couldn't help but notice that the collection in Dubai is different then the one in Kuwait. The only similarity was the colors!

H Rija said...

love the bags!
Neat post!

My Lyfe ; My Story

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Anonymous said...

i really like your blog.
great pictures.
check out mine.

hope you will follow me :)


HessandCo. said...

<3 I love you all thanks! xoxo

cookie said...

I love Celine, I wish I were there, lucky you!