Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why not ?

I really want to start a community blog or neighborhood blog. I remember when I was a kid, I use to hear about my neighbors from their kids and share a lot of interests together. I remember I use to collect stickers either buying them myself or from my friends or even my excellent stars from school's work. Every time I open a conversation with a girl I meet, it has to involve the stickers topic and I found out back then my neighbors daughter love collecting stickers too. So I remember I told her let's start this great business of trading stickers in school. . LOL I made it sound like trading with drugs. But really I remember I told her lets keep exchanging stickers with kids in school so that we have a great collection. Sadly, now I use it when I ran out of scotch tape, but still it looks funky and cool.

omg I use to collect these !
Enough from the stickers topic, and lets go back to the community blog thing. True we are close in context, but far as persons. Of course not all neighbors are the same. My neighbors are great especially in the holly month of Ramadan they send great food! Yummy! haha . . No, but really every time my parents bring the topic of moving out, I keep thinking are we goanna have the same great neighbors there, good thing we didn't move out.
Andrea Wan

I want to do this because I would love to know interesting news about my community residents or if they do any home businesses or stickers trading LOL. Also, if any of them needs help either medical or educational, you would love to know about it so that offer some help. Thus, I would like to know from you guys how can we develop such thing. 



Fashionistic Observer said...

I MISS THESE LOLLIPOPS i want! if you know where i can get them pls let me know sweety!

Constant Catwalk said...

Cute post!
Hun i used to collect those too:p

HessandCo. said...

fashionistic !! wallah i dunno roo7i adawer . . :(

Constant thanks hunny !